The identification of each child’s stage of development is a vital part of our work.

Children are continually assessed by their  teachers enabling each child to access work at  the appropriate level. Pupil Profiles are kept for Early Years children enabling their  progress to be tracked through the Foundation Stage curriculum.
Detailed assessments are continued  throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 so that progress can be monitored.
This data is used to identify the next steps of learning for a pupil. Assessment is a school strength and it is used to influence the deployment of staff to support pupil learning needs, or the development of new learning opportunities for pupils.
The analysis of annual assessment outcomes is used to modify the taught curriculum in the following year by focusing on identified cohort weaknesses or by informing the school’s intervention strategies for underperforming pupils.
Current data indicates that no pupil groups leaving the school in 2012 fell below national averages.