Meet the Staff

Leadership Team
 Principal Miss D. Lee
Assistant Headteacher KS2 Mrs. R. Forrester
Assistant Headteacher KS1 & Foundation Stage Lead Mrs. E. Ray
SEN Co-ordinator Mrs. E. Catchpole
Curriculum Mrs. D. Campbell
Teaching Staff
Nursery Teacher Miss H. Burke
Nursery/Reception Teacher Miss A. Razzaq
Reception Teacher Mrs. A. Hibbert and Mrs. K. Giannasi
Year 1 Teacher Mrs. C. Gravano
Year 1-2 Teacher Miss A. Lovatt
Year 2 Teacher Mrs. A. Bacon and Mrs. C. Oakes
Year 3 Teacher Mr. D. Sykes and Mrs. F. Beardmore
Year 3-4 Teacher Miss N. Hemmings
Year 4 Teacher Mrs. E. Catchpole
Year 5 Teacher Miss S. Roobeart and Miss H. Ball
Year 6 Teacher Mrs. R. Forrester and Mrs. C. Lawton
Support Staff
Educational Support Mrs. J. Holland
Educational Support Mrs. J. Marks
Educational Support Mrs. S. Bennett
Educational Support Mrs. M. Green
Educational Support Miss S. Miah
Educational Support Mrs. C. Green
Educational Support Miss Z. Gut
Educational Support Mrs. B. Coates
Educational Support Mrs. E. Craggs
Educational Support Mrs. T. Powner
Educational Support Mrs. G. Chiazza
Educational Support Mrs. J. Mullock
Educational Support Miss M. Hulme
Educational Support Miss S. Belford
Educational Support Mrs. Y. Lee
Educational Support Mrs. M. Gratton
Educational Support Mr. D. Webb
Educational Support Mrs. S. Evans
Administration Staff
Academy Manager Mrs. D. Lavelle
Admin Assistant Mrs. D. Averill
Site Staff
Site Manager Mr. D. Barlow



Lunchtime Staff
Supervisor Mrs. S. Wright
Supervisor Miss A. Dempsey
Supervisor Mrs. C. Williams
Supervisor Miss A. Perks
Supervisor Miss A. Gould
Supervisor Mr. P. Pemberton-Woolridge
Supervisor Mrs. S. Evans
Supervisor Mrs. M. Owen-Wallace
Breakfast Club Staff
Supervisor Mrs. N. Moore
Supervisor Mrs. C. Williams
Supervisor Mrs. M. Owen-Wallace
Supervisor Mrs. M. Robinson
Supervisor Mrs. D. Shingler
Cleaning Staff
Mrs. A. Wilshaw
Mrs. M. Robinson
Mrs. T. Talbot
Mr. T. Talbot
Kitchen Staff
Cook Mrs. J. Tellwright
Supervisor Mrs. M. Robinson
Supervisor Mrs. L.Hopwood
Supervisor Mrs. P. McGreevy