Charity & Worship Committees

Due to the Covid restrictions, the Charity and Worship Committees have been combined this year.

At the start of the Autumn term, children were appointed to the School Worship Committee and the Charity Committee. These teams are led by pupils from Year 5CL. The remit of the committees is to help others understand how to move closer to God, make a difference to the world, both locally and beyond; to develop the spiritual life of the school and to be committed to serving God. The work of the School Worship Committee so far has been to support local charity during this difficult time.

Supporting Charity

The nominated Charity for the Autumn Term was Number 11. This is a local charity that supports people who are struggling through poverty, homelessness and mental health.

The children did not let the Covid restrictions stop them and they arranged a virtual meeting with the Centre Manager -Dave Nixon. He explained the work of the charity and what we can do to help. Following this, the children set up fundraising ideas.

HARVEST: Food was collected from children throughout the School and due to the amount donated, they decided to split it between a local foodbank and Number 11.


Number 11: Children organised a collection of items that are urgently needed at Number 11, including face coverings, hand sanitiser, tea, coffee and biscuits. In addition to this a further £117.00 was raised through cash donations.

Donna Louise Trust: Children organised sponsored events and £465.00 was raised.


CAFOD Work 2019-20

RE Leaders together with groups of children plan, launch and lead CAFOD fundraisers within our school.

We aim to promote pupil leadership within a collaborative task leading charitable giving across the school.

Throughout the year, successful fund raising events will contribute to the total sum raised for our chosen charities – our aim is to provide a Medical Centre.

Please see some of our fundraising ideas & events:-

Charity letter Copper tree and Jumper Day

The Charity Committee organised and led the MacMillan Coffee morning event which raised over £400 for the appeal. This turned out to be a fantastic community event with a lot of positive feedback.