Year 4

"It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”  

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Miss Porter 

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Life in Year 4

Religious Education:

“Learning and Growing As the People of God!”

RE is taught on a two year rolling programme. This year the children are being taught the Year 4 units of work. Belonging We Gather as God’s Family, Reconciliation, Prayer, Listening to God’s Word At Mass and Eucharist: Thanksgiving to God, as well as the key units in the church’s liturgical year.


English is taught every day and covers a range of genres over the year including: fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We follow the programme ‘The Power of Reading’. We study a text over a period of time and practice our reading and writing skills through this text. We will be studying a range of books in Year 4 such as: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Croc and Bird, Charlotte’s Web, The Worst Witch and A Nest Full of Stars. We also take part in Guided Reading every day!


Maths is taught every day and covers a range of mathematical concepts over the year including: Place Value, Calculations, Measure, Fractions and Shape. We follow the programme ‘Power Maths’ as well as ‘White Rose’. We spend time learning new skills and will take part in many Mathematical challenges to make us masters of Maths! An extensive knowledge of the times tables is required for many areas of Maths and children will have a weekly times table test to monitor their progress.


During the year, we are working hard to develop our scientific skills! We will be learning about: Digestion and Teeth, Circuits, Living in Environments, States of Matter and Sound.

will also be investigating, researching, classifying and carrying out enquiries to widen our scientific knowledge!


History, Geography, Art and Design and Technology are taught through the topics, for example this year:

The Roman invasion of Britain, Vikings and Anglo Saxons, Countries of the World, Italy Today and Investigating Rivers.

Through our Art lessons, we will perfect our drawing, painting and collaging skills. In DT lessons, we will be immersed in food technology, textiles and computer design.


Computing is an integral part of the learning environment and is taught through a variety of curriculum subjects. We use the program ‘Scratch’ to create algorithms and different systems.


PE is a very important part of the curriculum and all children are expected to take part in lessons.  Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school at all times. The units of work covered in PE are: dance, gymnastics, invasion games, games, athletics and swimming.


Please find time to read with your child every day and don’t forget to sign their diary! Your child will receive homework each Friday.  Homework needs to be returned by the following Thursday!

We ARE the best class!

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Our Summer 2 focuses:

Maths: Time, Statistics and Shape             English: Narrative writing                        SpAG: Punctuation, Word classes

R.E.: The Church community                    Geography: The Tropics                         Science: Light

Year Four Home Learning Celebration!

Honourable Historians

Will has loved learning about Ancient Greeks

last half term – here he is, including his little

sister in our Greek Theatre learning!



John took a personal passion and created

this research poster on the history of cricket

in Sri Lanka!

Super Scientists

Harry enjoying our states of matter

experiment, observing how steam

caught on a cool surface will return to

liquid through condensation.



An experiment in density from Bear,

showing the differing properties of

some different liquids!


Wonderful Writing

Ben and Tom’s deforestation rap is

powerful, both in its message

and its rhyme scheme.



Alhadji has discovered a passion

for creating comic strips!

D.T. Chefs

Alena’s unicorn cupcake creations!



Dan even made the pastry from

scratch for his homemade pie

P.E. Prowess

20km into his bike ride, Will is still going!



20km for Hannah, too! Fantastic!



Lila is missing P.E. most of all. She’s

decided to take up a new sport: basketball!

Super Safety



Our summer holidays may have been cancelled, but Eres and Igor are making sure we all know how to be safe at the beach when we can return – great job to both!