Year 5 – Miss Shannon

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 “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world”
Malala Yousafzai

Miss Shannon & Miss Belford

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Life in Year 5
Religious Education:

“Learning and Growing as the People of God!”
RE is taught on a two year rolling programme. This year the children are being taught the Year 5 units of work: The story of the people of God; Followers of Christ; Advent; Baptism and confirmation celebrations; Prayers in the lives of the followers of Christ; Lent; Belonging to the Church community; Pentecost and Celebrating the life of Mary and the Saints.


English is taught every day and covers a range of genres over the year including: fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We follow the programme ‘The Power of Reading’. We study a text over a period of time and practice our reading and writing skills through this text. We will be studying a range of books in Year 5.  Currently our text focus is: ‘Once Upon a Dream’ written by Liz Braswell. We also take part in Guided Reading every day!


Maths is taught every day and covers a range of mathematical concepts over the year including: Place Value; Calculations; Measure; Fractions; Position and Direction; Shape and Statistics. We follow the programme ‘Power Maths’ as well as ‘White Rose’. We spend time learning new skills and will take part in many Mathematical challenges to make us masters of Maths! An extensive knowledge of the times tables is required for many areas of Maths and children will have a weekly times table test to monitor their progress.


During the year, we are working hard to develop our scientific skills! We will be learning about: Earth and Space; Properties and Changes of Materials; Animals, Including Humans; Living Things and their habitats; Forces and Working Scientifically. We will also be investigating, researching, classifying and carrying out enquiries to widen our scientific knowledge!


History, Geography, Art and Design and Technology are taught through the topics, for example this year: Ancient Greece; The Ancient Maya; Coasts and Here There and Everywhere. Through our Art lessons, we will perfect our drawing, painting and collaging skills. In D.T. lessons, we will be immersed in textiles, computer design and building simple electrical circuits.


Computing is an integral part of the learning environment and is taught through a variety of curriculum subjects. We use the program ‘Scratch’ to create algorithms and different systems.

During the Spring and Summer terms, our class is fortunate enough to have been chosen to participate in an I.T. project to code our own software. We will be using open source hardware ARM-based embedded systems, also known as Micro Bits, to create our own computer games!


PE is a very important part of the curriculum and all children are expected to take part in lessons.  Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school at all times. The units of work covered in PE are: dance, gymnastics, invasion games, games, athletics and swimming.


Please find time to read with your child every day and don’t forget to sign their diary! Your child will receive homework each Friday.  Homework needs to be returned by the following Thursday.

In Year 5, We Strive For Success!