Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Miss  Kay

Mr Smith

Mrs Chiazza

Miss Belford

Mrs Gratton

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The children have been studying:

  • Two great novels including Clockwork and If You Find This, these two books have been engaging and have given us great reasons to write creative pieces of writing.
  • We have tried to tackle fractions (never an easy task for anyone!), along with decimals, percentages and the four operations.
  • In topic we have studied extreme earth, of which the children produced fantastic volcano paintings, studied extreme weathers from around the world, and more recently we have looked at UK geography (which we have progressed well in, we started by thinking that London was in Northern Ireland so we’re doing much better now!).
  • In science we have looked at evolution, adaption and finally, classifying organisms. Through these three areas of science we saw how animals and plants evolved over time, the reasons why and then how scientists like Carl Linnaeus categorised animals and plants (we even learnt the Latin names for some animals and fruits!).
  • In R.E. we have looked at Lent and the different Parables surrounding that period of time, looked at the rights and wrongs.
  • We’ve even started to enjoy our French lessons, we find it hard but it’s a good challenge!
  • On our World Book Week we thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’, you can find our dramatic reading here – (password – stwilfrids).

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