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In Nursery, we learn through a range of teacher directed and self-initiated activities which take place both inside and outside our classroom. We focus on creating positive relationships where children feel supported, nurtured, and can become confident, independent learners. We follow the new Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) which is divided into the following 7 areas of learning:

* Communication and Language

* Personal, Social, and Emotional Development

* Physical Development

* Literacy

* Mathematics

* Expressive Arts

* Understanding the World

All 7 areas of development are inter-connected.

Each area of development is implemented through planned, purposeful play and a mix of adult–led and child-initiated activity. Individual needs, interests and stage of development are considered when planning activities and ideas are grouped and blocked over short time periods, with new concepts and skills introduced to the class and developed with groups. Child initiated sessions allow children to further orchestrate their own learning and to practise or extend their skills and understanding in all areas of learning.

On-going judgments are made as to the balance of adult-led, guided and child led activities according to the emerging needs and interests of each child.

At St Wilfrid’s Catholic Academy, we take part in a discrete daily phonic lesson, where the children learn to identify individual letters and groups of letters and the sounds they represent to help them to develop their ability to read and write independently.