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Subject Lead: Mrs Buckley

As an avid traveller I love to explore the world God gave us to enjoy and experience different cultures and countries. Therefore, I fully believe a high quality geography education will inspire pupils and add curiosity and fascination about the world that God has given to us. This will remain with them for the rest of their lives.


The vision at St. Wilfrid’s is that all children understand and are curious about the world they live in, from Local to European to Continental Geography. We want knowledge to be embedded within our pupils for the rest of their lives.

Children should be able to locate knowledge using a range of atlases and globes. They should know and understand human and physical geography and be able to use this information to compare and contrast countries to deepen their knowledge about diversity and environments.


To deliver the National Curriculum (NC), through our exciting and engaging Long and Medium term planning to ensure we have breadth of the NC. To ensure that learning is recapped, built upon and progresses from year group to year group, laying firm foundation for KS3.
For geography to shape our lives.
For all children to achieve expected standards, in line with the National Curriculum.


Medium and Long term planning is used with a focus question to answer.
Every lesson has a clear learning task.
It’s taught to be remembered – embedded into our long term memory.


Our pupils have the geography skills and knowledge of the world.
Our pupils are able to interpret a range of geographical information from maps, globes, atlases etc.
Our pupils can understand a range of features of the world and the importance it has on our day to day lives.