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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement at St. Wilfrid’s is

” Love one another, as I have loved you”

To make Jesus known today we:

  • Ensure that the Catholic ethos is evident to all that enter the school
  • Ensure that the schools’ policies reflect the teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church
  • Ensure that the Gospel values and the teachings of the church are in every aspect of Learning, Teaching and the totality of school life
  • Provide a religious education which studies the mysteries of God, the life and the teachings of Jesus Christ and of His Church
  • To Know that to teach means not only to impart what we know but also to reveal who we are by living what we believe
  • Enable the children to have the ability to see the richness of life
  • Care for the Spiritual needs of children and young people
  • To Know, Love and Serve God in this life and be happy with him forever in the next
  • Ensure that Christ is at the centre of everything
  • Ensure that a young persons’ journey is also a journey of faith
  • Transform prayer, worship and liturgy into real educational experiences, developing the faith of each individual in the school community
  • Build a caring Catholic community which prepares each one of us for the wider world
  • Provide opportunities to learn within a Catholic Christian setting
  • Prepare the children for life within a multicultural society and teach them to have respect for other faiths
  • Encourage the children to partake in the charitable works in the community, locally and worldwide
  • Provide an excellent broad and balanced curriculum that is placed with a Catholic Christian setting which will nurture children and help them to grow to their full potential
  • Work to develop the formation of the whole person
  • Be motivated and offer to all especially the poor and the marginalised the opportunity of an education and training for a job
  • Extend the areas of children’s knowledge and experiences where learning and expectations are matched to abilities and aptitudes
  • fulfil the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum and Religious Education as based on the guidelines provided by the Archdiocese of Birmingham
  • Encourage independence and self discipline appropriate to the age of development of each child
  • Provide opportunities to develop appreciation of art, music, literature and their national heritage
  • Develop in children appropriate skills and concepts and the will to use them
  • Monitor and evaluate the schools’ curriculum provision
  • Care for the pastoral and special needs of children
  • Promote a citizenship rooted in a commitment to social justice and the common good.

The Ethos of the School

As a Catholic school, we promote the gospel values derived from the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. The aims of our Mission Statement form the underlying principles for all of our school policies. With this in mind we expect all adults and children in the school to adopt the example of Christ as a model for their actions whilst in school. The faith we uphold should underline every relationship, so that all are respected and value as children of God.

The school works closely with the churches of the Sacred Heart, Tunstall and St Joseph’s, Burslem particularly in the preparation for the Sacraments. We aim to support and work in close partnership with our parents and our parishes.