Welcome to St Wilfrid’s Catholic Academy

Dear Parents, Students, Visitors and Friends of St Wilfrid’s Catholic Academy,
It is a privilege to extend a heartfelt welcome to you all as the Principal of St Wilfrid’s, a faith-filled Catholic primary school committed to nurturing the hearts and minds of our young learners.
At St Wilfrid’s, we acknowledge and accept the role we play in providing our pupils with an education that is built on faith, knowledge, and community. Our school is a place where academic growth and faith filled nurture go hand in hand. We inspire our pupils to live out their lives using the values and virtues rooted within the Gospel. To do this, we encourage active participation from parents, guardians, and the wider community, for it is together that we create a nurturing and supportive environment in which our children can flourish.
Rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ, our school community is dedicated to creating an environment that promotes spiritual growth, academic excellence, and social responsibility. Our experienced and dedicated educators work tirelessly to guide our students on their journey through life, fostering not only academic achievements but also moral character.
I invite you to explore our website to learn more about our school’s mission and activities. Together, let us embark on this sacred journey of faith and learning.
In Christ’s love,
Mr N Glover