Catholic Life Leaders

At the start of the Autumn term, children were appointed as Catholic Life Leaders with a representative from each class (Y2-Y6) The remit of the committees is to help others understand how to move closer to God, make a difference to the world, both locally and beyond; to develop the spiritual life of the school and to be committed to serving God.

Autumn Term 2022

Our focus charity this term is the St Vincent de Paul Society.

The St Vincent de Paul Society (England & Wales) is part of an international Christian voluntary network dedicated to tackling poverty in all its forms by providing practical assistance to people in need. Founded in Britain in 1844, we foster diverse and inclusive connections, as a Society that is welcoming of people of all faiths and none. We joyfully extend our hand in the care and personal service of individuals and families who need support.

Our 10,000 members, motivated by faith, visit vulnerable or isolated people across England and Wales and offer them friendship and practical support. The essence of our work is person-to-person contact and spending time with people is our greatest gift.

Harvest Gifts

We celebrated the Harvest Festival Season with an assembly to think about those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We collected donations of food which has been shared with St Joseph’s Parish Foodbank.

This term our fundraising has started with the Macmillan Coffee morning. Children helped to organise a wonderful afternoon which was attended by many of our parents.

We raised over £250

Supporting Charity



During 2022-22, we supported Caritas which is a number of which organisations link together in a confederation to serve the world’s poor, vulnerable, dispossessed and marginalized. Caritas is inspired by Scripture, Catholic Social Teaching and by the experiences and hopes of people who are disadvantaged and living in poverty.

They work with people of all faiths and those who have none.

St Wilfrid’s Fund Raising Events 2021-22

Each class was tasked with raising funds in their own unique way, here are some of the ideas that the children had together with the funds that they raised.

!!Book sale!! Nursery & Reception class raised £ 54.35 – Well done!

!!Plant sale!! Year 1 class raised £26.96 – Well done!

!!Sponsored walk!! Year 1/2 class raised £131.50 – Super Well done!

!! Cake sale!! Year 2 class raised £75.85 – Well done!

!! Sponsored run, running a Marathon between the class!! Year 3 raised £352.20 – Super Well done!

!!Chocolate hamper raffle!! Year 3/4 raised £33.67 – Well done!

!!Name the chick!! Year 4 raised £17.00 – Well done!

!!Sponsored penalty shoot out!! All of our Year 5 children  raised £75.00 – Well done!

!!A run!! Year 6DM raised £145.00 – Super well done!

!!Hook a bag!! Year 6 RF raised £43.00 – Well done!

We are very proud of ALL of or children and their families, who always show a huge amount of support.