Year 6

Stanley Head

Year 6 recently visited Stanley Head Outdoor Education Centre. Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the exciting activities they participated in there. Please click on the link below to see a photo gallery of their visit.

Stanley Head Photo Gallery

Year 6

‘Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.’

Mrs Forrester & Mrs Mortimer

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Y6 Class Introduction

Y6 curriculum overview 2021-2022

Y6 Autumn Term Curriculum Letter for Parents

Y6 Spring Term Curriculum Overview

Kit list for Stanley Head 


Life in Year 6

Religious Education:

Children are encouraged to participate in open prayer and times of reflection and meditation both in class and in assemblies. Children can offer their own prayers to the class prayer book. This year, all of the children will have the opportunity to plan and lead prayer services and liturgies for the class, following the format: Gather, Listen, Respond and Go Forth. For the traditional prayers, the children will reflect deeply upon the words of the Apostles Creed and the prayer to the Holy Spirit and how those words impact them.

The class saints which the children have chosen are St John (Don) Bosco (Yellow set) and St Bernadette (Blue set) as they would like to follow the good example they set. In everything they do the children are encouraged to reflect upon their vocation and what God is calling them to do each day and how others live out their vocations e.g. marriage, priesthood, single life and religious. Christ is at the centre of everything we do and in their words and actions the children reflect on how they are following Jesus’ example. Throughout the year, the children will learn more about Sikhism, understanding the beliefs and values of the followers of this religion. We will also developing our understanding of other festivals, including Eid.



English is taught every day with purposeful reading and writing opportunities linked to our class topics and class novel. Throughout the year the children will develop the necessary skills to become competent and confident readers and writers. We hope to foster a love of reading through the texts we study both in Guided Reading and English lessons. Handwriting, punctuation, spelling and grammar are taught in every lesson across the curriculum and high expectations are promoted. Through purposeful, engaging and creative writing opportunities the children are able to develop imaginative flair through language choices, sentence structure and vocabulary. Guided reading is taught daily with all children reading engaging books.


Maths is made up of Arithmetic (Fluency) and Reasoning. Arithmetic forms the core of all Maths and mathematical reasoning is the critical skill that enables children to make use of all other mathematical skills. Mathematical reasoners are able to reflect on solutions to problems and determine whether or not they make sense.  We will be following the White Rose Scheme of work which will provide guidance on what we need to teach to meet the demands of the National Curriculum. This will be supplemented with fluency and reasoning activities from Target Maths and Classroom Secrets.


During the year, we are working hard to develop our scientific skills. We will be learning about: Classification, Light, Electricity, The Human circulatory system, diet, exercise and drug education and Evolution and Inheritance.

Children will be planning enquiries including recognising and controlling variables where necessary; use appropriate techniques, apparatus, and materials during field work; take measurements using a range of scientific equipment; record data; and report findings from enquiries.

Geography, History, Art and Design and Technology

Knowledge, understanding and skills in History, Geography, Art and Design Technology are taught through the topics of Rainforests, Local History, World War 2 and North America. Through our Art lessons, we will perfect our drawing, painting and collaging skills. In DT lessons, we will be immersed in food technology and mechanical systems (cams). In History we will learn about chronology, research significant people and dates in history, explore research and interpret artefacts and produce written accounts. In Geography the children will investigate places and identify the relationship between human activity and physical geography. They will be encouraged to problem solve through geographical enquiries and make links.


Computing is an integral part of the learning environment and is taught through a variety of curriculum subjects. We will be presenting our work using a range of Microsoft office programmes. Children will also be investigating computer based cam mechanisms. They will have the opportunity to programme animations, find and correct bugs in programs and video performances. An integral part of all our work will be teaching the children how to be safe on the internet. 


PE is a very important part of the curriculum and all children are expected to take part in lessons.  Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school at all times. The units of work covered in PE are: dance, gymnastics, invasion games, games, athletics and swimming.


Children are encouraged to read daily and they are expected to have their diary signed by an adult every day. Teachers will check diaries every morning and children will be rewarded for reading at home daily. Homework is sent out weekly for Maths and English on a Thursday to be returned by the following Tuesday. Spellings will be sent home to practice on a Friday and tested in the form of a dictation the following Friday.


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Living out our Virtues and Values

Showing gratefulness for God’s gift of creation and generosity in our awareness to play a part in protecting the world which God created for us to look after.